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A Sweat Stopping Product Review


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Are you one of the many people out there who suffer from excessive sweating? Do your outfits always comprise of dark colors because you are afraid of the embarrassment that is usually associated with getting very sweaty? Have you tried many different antiperspirant products, all of which have resulted in severe disappointment? If your answer to all of these questions is a yes, then you are probably on the verge of just giving up and allowing your sweat problems to take control of your everyday life. But you don’t have to suffer anymore, SweatBlock is here to help you.


Before you disregard the thought of using this particular antiperspirant, seeing that the ones you used before just disappointed you, make sure that you take the time to read this review first. This will help you determine whether or not this product is really safe and effective for you.


Product Highlights

There are a lot of things that make SweatBlock the number one option of many consumers today. Here are some of the highlights of this antiperspirant and sweat stopping product that you should know about:

• Featured in an episode of the Rachael Ray Show

• Has the power to stop sweating for up to seven days with just a single application

• Tested to be super strong yet soothing and very safe

• Money back guarantee is proof that the manufacturer is very confident that the product works

• Formula has been tested by the FDA and has been found to be compliant with the administration’s strict and rigorous standards

• Made and manufactured in the United States


About the Product

In a nutshell, SweatBlock is actually a clinical antiperspirant that has been soaked on soft towelettes. Its recommended use is only once a week, seeing that the formula can stop sweating for up to seven days. It contains 14 percent of aluminum chloride hexahydrite, which is the product’s active ingredient. All of the other ingredients have been tested and deemed safe for human use.


How the Product is Used and How it Works

SweatBlock, in its own, is a liquid formula. When it is shipped to consumers, it will already be in the form of soft, cotton pads or towelettes. The towelettes are soaked in this unique liquid solution.

Once a week, before going to sleep, one of the pads should be dabbed thoroughly but gently under the arms, just within the hairline. After this, the underarms should be allowed to dry for several minutes. The next morning after its application, shaving and showering can be done.

This antiperspirant product works at night, when the sweat glands are the least active. The product will be absorbed by the underarms, which will then block the sweat glands, allowing the user to be sweat-free for up to a whole week. It does not wash off even after taking a bath. It does not leave a sticky residue or a film, which is why its users have reported that they do not feel any discomfort when using the product.



As seen on the Rachael Ray Show, SweatBlock is truly revolutionizing the industry of antiperspirant products. It was tested on Rachel Ray’s Human Lab, wherein a firefighter had the product undergo a severe trial. Thousands of other people have been able to resolve their problems related to excessive perspiration through this sweat stopping solution. You will find numerous positive reviews from real users who are very happy and satisfied with the results they obtained through its use.



As for safety, SweatBlock exceeds all expectations. The method, the materials, and the ingredients used in its manufacturing adhere to all of the stringent guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, the active ingredient that is used in its manufacturing is the same one that you will find in many of today’s very popular antiperspirants. The formula used in the product is also in strict compliance will all of the regulations set forth by the FDA.

Aside from this, the product was tried and tested for more than 10 years before it was launched. This means that the solution has already been perfected unlike many of the other antiperspirant products claiming that they can help those with excessive perspiration problems. Concerns like irritation are no longer an issue with this proven sweat stopping solution.


Money Back Guarantee

One of the greatest features of SweatBlock is the 30 day money back guarantee. Proof that the product really works and that the manufacturer is very confident that users will be very happy and satisfied with the results they will get. In the highly unlikely event that your excessive sweating and perspiration problems will not be fixed by this product, you can always get a refund as long as you request one within 30 days of your purchase.


Who Will Benefit from Using SweatBlock?

Anyone who would like to resolve problems arising from excessive sweating will benefit from the use of SweatBlock. Regular consumers will be happy with the effects of using this sweat stopping solution. However, there is more to this product. The unique solution is perfect for many active individuals including performers, athletes, presenters (nervous sweaters), as well as those who have problems with the following:

• Hyperhidrosis

• Menopausal Sweating

• Excessive Underarm Sweating


In Conclusion

SweatBlock is a proven and effective antiperspirant product that took a decade to be perfected. Having been created by a renowned chemist who also had sweat problems of his own, you can rest assured that this product is the best buy for you if you are suffering from excessive perspiration. Even if you do not have severe sweat problems, you will still be able to benefit from the product, seeing that it will help you avoid sweaty days. If you want freedom from all the negative effects of sweatiness, then you should definitely give this sweat stopping solution a try.


What Are Night Sweats ?

Night sweats are defined as periods of heavy sweating that occur in the middle of the night. People might sweat enough to soak their clothing and bedding even if the room is not that hot. This is a common problem that many folks face every now and again. Almost half of patients report to their doctors having experienced them within the previous weeks. Though night sweats can be a very uncomfortable experience, they are not always something worth fretting about.

What Causes Night Sweats ?

So what are some causes of night sweats? Often it’s something as simple as too many blankets. Because of this, many doctors define true night sweats as excessive sweating that is caused by something other than an unusually warm environment. Certain medications can trigger them as well. Night sweats are a common complaint of women who are going through menopause. There is also a condition called idiopathic hyperhidrosis, which is one where the body frequently creates too much sweat for no real rhyme or reason.

While the causes are often benign, hot flashes and night sweats can also be brought on by an infection, cancer, nervous system issues, or an imbalance in the endocrine system (the glands in your body that produce hormones). Some medical conditions that might cause a person to experience night sweats include:

• Tuberculosis
• Pyognic abscess – pus-filled cavity created by an infection
• Hodgkin’s Disease
• Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
• Endocarditis – inflammation of the heart valves
• Leukemia
• Myelofibrosis – disorder in the bone marrow
• Overactive Thyroid
• Brucellosis – bacterial infection
• Osteomyelitis – bone inflammation
• Pheochromocytoma – adrenal gland tumor (rare)
• Carcinoid Syndrome – condition brought about by certain types of malignant tumors

Tuberculosis is generally the infection best known for causing night sweats. And while this symptom is often indicative of some cancers, it is rarely the only one. Those who are undiagnosed experience other symptoms at the same time, like fevers and weight loss.

Anti-depressants are the most common prescription medications causing night sweats as a side effect. About one in five folks taking them report experiencing this exact problem. Drugs meant to relieve a fever, like acetaminophen and aspirin, might trigger the same thing for certain people. Those taking cortisone medications such as prednisone often have similar complaints.

Sometimes low levels of glucose in the blood can cause excessive sweating. Those taking diabetic drugs or insulin might experience hypoglycemia – low blood sugar – in the middle of the night and break out in sudden sweats. Some neurologic disorders can do it as well, but this is a much less common occurrence. Autonomic neuropathy (autonomic nerve damage), post-traumatic syringomyelia (fluid-filled cyst found on the spinal cord), and strokes are a few conditions that might lead to night sweats.

Night Sweats Treatment

In order to determine the appropriate treatment regimen, the doctor needs a complete and detailed medical history of the patient in order to pinpoint the likely cause. Certain tests may also need to be done. These tests might include x-rays, CT scans, blood tests, and other more specialized ones.

Night sweats can be caused by something completely harmless, or they may be the result of more serious factors. Sometimes they can be an indication of an underlying issue that might require medical attention. But the treatments are not necessarily directed at the night sweats themselves; rather, they are meant to combat the underlying problem. Cancers, infections, and hormonal imbalances are common examples of this.

In the event that the night sweats are an indicator of perimenopause, hormone therapy can usually be used to treat it. Estrogen therapy, sometimes combined with progestin therapy, is one method of treatment and has proven to be a successful one when the symptoms are more severe or bothersome for the patient.

When medications are at fault, the night sweats usually ease off or disappear once the individual quits taking the drugs or the prescription is changed – provided this is an appropriate step to take. If night sweats are proving to be a serious side effect of the drugs you are using, discuss it with your doctor. He or she will be better able to determine if the medications are indeed the cause and might also be able to recommend an alternative approach to treating your medical condition.

Ways to Reduce Excessive Sweating


There are lots of triggers that can cause people to sweat excessively. Warm weather or stuffy conditions will generally make people start to perspire, but many people sweat even when their body has no need to regulate the temperature. By following the tips in this article you can find out how to stop sweating and minimize the unfavorable effects.

Like any physiological action, the type of food that you consume will have a huge effect on how much you sweat. Spicy foods are by far the worst culprits, and a particularly spicy meal can cause you to sweat not just while you are eating, but for up to 48 hours afterwards. Particularly sensitive people will sweat excessively even after consuming just mildly spicy food. Alcohol is also a major cause of excessive sweating for many people. It causes the body to work harder and raises the body’s core temperature slightly. For most people this won’t have any measurable effect, but it’s a huge trigger for those who tend to sweat excessively..

Antiperspirant spray can help combat excessive sweating, particularly under the armpits. For most people this is the biggest problem area, and a good antiperspirant can completely combat this issues. Many people only wear deodorant or a fragranced spray. This can certainly help remove body odor, but it will have absolutely no effect on excessive sweating. [Read more...]